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Same Day Pay

We are a cash-based company and are not in-network with any major medical insurance providers. We accept several types of payment, including credit card, Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), check, and cash. This will be collected the same day as the service. Costs are always discussed up front and clearly before any charges occur. You will never be surprised with a bill in the mail and there will never be hidden fees.

  • Chiropractic Initial Exam $105
  • Re-Examination $55
  • Adult Adjustments $40
  • Child Adjustment $25
  • Cold Laser Therapy $25
  • Initial Acupuncture $120
  • Subsequent Acupuncture $65
  • Glass Fired Cupping $40

You may always request an invoice from Worthington Wellness Center to submit directly to your HSA/HRA/FSA. You may also request an invoice if you wish to submit self-claims to your major medical insurance provider for reimbursement. We are not in-network with major medical insurance because we don’t want our care to be dictated by an insurance company. We have the patient’s best interest in mind and true wellness can never be reached under the current insurance model. The cash model allows us to achieve the best results possible. We can spend an increased amount of time with each patient to ensure a high-quality care.